STAR - Students Teaching and Reaching

What exactly is the STAR Program? The STAR Program provides high school juniors and/or seniors an opportunity to learn about teaching as a career through one-credit courses offered at their high school. The Louisiana Department of Education has developed a curriculum that not only gives students a glimpse into the teaching profession but also, under the proper guidelines, can be used for college credit in the field of education. STAR I and now STAR II have both been approved and are being taught in approximately 50 high schools across the state. How do I know it’s the right choice for me? If you are a high school junior or senior who is interested in pursuing teaching as a career path, the STAR Program is the right choice for you. Some high school students may discover that education is not the career for them. On the other hand, some high school students who never considered teaching as a career option may realize the rewards the profession brings and decide to pursue a degree in education. What financial resources are available to me as a participant in the STAR Program? The STAR Program is offered in public schools at no charge, although costs for project supplies may be necessary. What are the prerequisites of the STAR Program?
There are no course requirements prior to enrolling in the STAR Program. However, students applying to participate in the STAR Program must:

  1. Be a junior or senior in high school
  2. Have a GPA/GPR of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. In the case of an applicant whose GPA closely approximates 2.5 and who meets all other requirements, a STAR Review Panel may recommend acceptance based upon consideration of the student’s application.
  3. Submit a completed application packet, including
    • parent/guardian approval,
    • three teacher recommendations, and
    • an essay explaining the reason for choosing to participate in the program
  4. Participate in an interview with the STAR Review Panel.
Where can I learn more about the STAR Program?
You can check with your local high school principal or guidance counselor, or contact Nicole Gerard, Louisiana Department of Education Program Consultant, by telephone at (225)342-1593 or by email at