Educator Preparation

The Louisiana Department of Education, Division of Teacher Certification, Preparation and Recruitment is dedicated to supporting school districts, institutions of higher education and private program providers in the preparation of effective teachers and leaders to enable Louisiana’s students to be effective citizens in a global market.

The Louisiana Department of Education collaborates with the Louisiana Board of Regents in reviewing and recommending teacher and educational leader preparation programs for approval to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). State regulations regarding approval standards and continual approval are contained in Bulletin 996 - Standards for Approval of Teacher and/or Educational Leader Preparation Programs.

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This section provides detailed information on the traditional and alternate preparation options for teachers and leaders.

Teacher Preparation

Traditional Teacher Preparation Programs- A traditional teacher preparation program is a four-year Bachelor of Arts or Science university degree program that includes general education courses, a certification area focus, professional education, 180 hours of field experiences, and one semester of student teaching or internship in a school.

Alternate Teacher Preparation Programs - If you have at least a bachelor’s degree & want to be a teacher, an alternate preparation program is the right pathway for you. For an overview chart outlining the three possible alternative routes please read here.

Leader Preparation

Educational Leadership Programs-Educational leadership certification is the authorization needed by individuals who fill school & district educational leadership positions (e.g., assistant principal, principal, parish or city supervisor of instruction, supervisor of child welfare & attendance, special education supervisor). Educational leadership certification may be obtained through either a master’s degree program or through one of the three alternate pathways.

Turnaround Specialist Programs-The Louisiana School Turnaround Specialist Program (LSTS) is a leadership development program designed to strengthen the organizational & instructional leadership skills of currently certified & experience principals to prepare them to lead low-performing schools to higher student achievement.

Support Programs & Resources for Educational Leaders - The Louisiana Department of Education provides ongoing support & targeted professional development along with networking opportunities for education leaders.

Paraprofessional Programs

Paraprofessional Programs - If you have at least a high school diploma and want to work with children in schools, this program is the right pathway for you. Paraprofessional Brochure - courtesy of the LA Community & Technical College System.

STAR- Students Teaching & Reaching

STAR - Students Teaching and Reaching - If you are a high school student interested in pursuing teaching as a career, the STAR Program may be the right pathway for you.

Louisiana Preparation in the News

The Louisiana Board of Regents has published the year eight Value-Added Teacher Preparation Program Assessment Model technical report. Click on this text to read the report.

Education Reporter Sue Lincoln headed to the University of Louisiana at Monroe since the school has one of the top programs in the country producing quality teachers.

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