Become a Certified Teacher

Alternate Teacher Preparation

What exactly is an alternate teaching preparation program? An alternate teaching preparation program leads to certification as a teacher for non-education graduates. Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelor`sdegree for entry to the program. Louisiana`s alternate teaching preparation programs were developed to address the shortage of teachers. Three types of alternate teaching preparation programs allow professionals and recent college graduates to pursue a career in teaching:
  • The Practitioner Teacher Program is a streamlined certification path that combines intensive coursework and full-time teaching.
  • The Master’s Degree Program is an intensive path that results in a master’s degree as well as certification.
  • The Certification-Only Program is for individuals not wishing to participate full-time or pursue a master’s degree through one of the other alternate paths to certification.

What are the prerequisites of the alternate teacher preparation program? Do I have to take tests? Prerequisites of each alternate teaching preparation program differ, but each program type requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Since Praxis exams are required for state certification, these exams are part of the admission standards as well as the completion standards of alternate programs. A complete listing of the Louisiana Praxis/NTE exam requirements can be found here.Students can contact the College of Education or private program provider of choice for other information regarding admission standards.

What financial resources are available to me as a participant in an alternate teaching preparation program? Financial resources available to students in an alternate teaching preparation program vary. Students can contact the Financial Aid Office and College of Education at a higher education institution of choice or consult with the private program provider of choice for information regarding scholarships, grants, and loans for education students.You may also refer to the Federal Student Aid website for Cancellation/Deferment Options for Teachers. 

Where can I learn more about the Alternate Teacher Preparation Program? You can learn more about alternate teacher preparation programs at program provider websites, by contacting the College of Education or private provider for a conference or tour, and by attending Recruitment Fairs. Contact information for all state approved teacher preparation providers is available here

The alternate teaching preparation program sounds like the right pathway for me and I’d like to enroll. Where is the program offered in Louisiana? Click here for a list of institutions of higher education and private program providers, types of programs offered at each geographical site, and contact information.