Certification FAQs

I am not a teacher. How can I become one?
I`m certified in another state/country. How can I become certified to teach in Louisiana?
Are there alternative pathways to certification in Louisiana?
Where can I find information on "loan forgiveness" opportunities for educators?
I want to do a teacher preparation/degree program at a university/institution that is not listed as "Louisiana State-Approved". Will that allow me to obtain Louisiana certification?
Do I have to take Praxis exams in order to earn Louisiana certification?
What steps do I need to follow if I have a previous criminal conviction?
How can I add a certification endorsement or degree to my existing teaching certificate?
What is the procedure for adding Plus 30 Graduate Hours to my certificate?
How can I change my name on my certificate?
How can I receive higher level certificates (Type B, Type A, Level 2, or Level 3)?
How can I renew or reinstate an expired teaching certificate?
What fees are required to complete the certification process?
What documentation does the certification office need from me in order to complete the certification process?
How do I speak to someone at the LA Department of Education about my certification?
How may I receive a copy of my teaching certificate?
How can I check the status of a previously mailed certification request?
How has the repeal of the Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment Program (LaTAAP) affected my certification process?
What should I do if I have only partially completed LaTAAP?
Who can I contact with questions relating to Act 54?
Am I "Highly Qualified"?
Where can I find information regarding National Board Certification?
How can I verify my National Board Certification?
Additional Certification Resources